Elite Academy Middle School Program

Middle School is an exiting time for many students in their personal and intellectual
lives. They no longer perceive themselves as “kids” and are measurably progressing
towards high school level.

Students are able to expand their learning horizons at this pivotal age, driven by
inherent interests in subject material that is evolving as uniquely as their personas. It is
in these formative years that they begin to solidify their identity of themselves. They
also crystalize the skill sets that will determine their path through high school and into
the world of higher education and, ultimately, their careers.

We encourage children in the Middle School years to continue to investigate,
experiment and look at learning as an extension and expression of themselves. With
the environment we craft for them, young learners will begin challenging themselves
to greater degrees. With encouragement from our talented staff, our students become able to understand the satisfaction of enhancing the breadth of their learning journey.